Before and After - Rejuvenate your kitchen

To change or not to change the kitchen - that is the question. In this particular scenario the kitchen cabinets were a very nice colour and a great layout. In fact, the clients would have changed very little about the layout. What they needed was an update. The countertops and backsplash was changed as well as the faucet and sink. The sink area had a raised bar separating the great room from the kitchen. We removed the raised portion making the kitchen feel more open to the great room and the bonus,  the countertop area beside the sink was increased. The pendent fixtures were selected by our interior designer, providing the finishing touches to the updated kitchen.

Above are the photos with new countertop, backsplash, sink and faucet. The kitchen was fully functional on the same day as the countertop was installed and the plumbers installed the sink and faucet shortly after. The backsplash was installed and then grouted - the entire timeframe took less then a week. 

Below are photos showing how the kitchen looked with dated granite and backsplash tile.

Working with the right contractor and designer allows clients to fully explore all their options and associated costs. Crafted Edge Homes takes pride in providing all the options so clients have the opportunity to make educated decisions. 

Michell Lytle